High Noon Cultivation Co.

Veganic Cultivators


Our growing methods

Here at High Noon Cultivation we use two progressive cultivation methods. Organic and Veganic. These sustainable and environmentally friendly methods allow us to produce dense, stinky, tasty buds packed with clean flavor and void of harsh chemicals. Our buds burn smooth and clean unlike buds produced using synthetic mass-produced growing methods.

Organic, Veganic… what's the difference?

The difference is in what we feed the soil. At our facility we have separate rooms dedicated to either organic or veganic farming methods. Each growing method produces its own uniquely superior flavor profile. Buds grown organically will produce a strong, earthy flavor profile, while growing buds veganically will produce a sweet, smooth, often fruiter flavor.

Organic cultivation is void of pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. Manure, compost and mulch are used to maintain organic matter within the soil. Organic cultivation also incorporates the use of natural predators to manage plant pests. For example, ladybugs are used combat aphids as opposed to using chemical pesticides.

Veganic cultivation is even cleaner! The soil we use is free of manure or any product produced by an animal. It relies heavily on fermented plant extracts and naturally occurring minerals.


If veganic cultivation’s so great, why aren’t all the grow houses doing it?

Growing veganically harbors increased challenges and costs. However, we here at High Noon Cultivation take great pride in our genetics and flavor profiles. The added challenges, care and maintenance it takes to grow our plants veganically, enables us to provide you with a superior product. 


Dream. Create. Elevate.

The experience of carefully crafted cannabis, distinct quality and flavor, is now available to every adult in the great state of Oregon. This has long been our vision, and we are proud to pass it along to you in broad daylight, High Noon. We invite you to get high on our dream as you go forth to create your own.



36 out of 40... This strain was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect in every sense of how you would want your flower to look, smell, and taste... this is 100% grade A Quantum Kush... now where can we buy some more?
— The Daily Leaf, Blind Cognitive Test



Always cultivated carefully, utilizing the best bio-dynamic practices and sustainable nutrients to produce a low ecological impact and a clean, delicious, product.