High Noon Cultivation Co.
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Quality Cannabis. Responsibly Grown.

High Noon Cult. implements no-till "Organic" sustainable cultivation practices. These sustainable cultivation methods allow us to produce resinous and dense flowers that emanate complex delectable aromas, and void of harsh chemicals. Our buds are packed with clean flavors that burn smoothly, and finish as a light fluffy white ash.

Our Process and Methodology:

We believe that quality cannabis starts with living soil and high quality inputs. We strive to create high populations of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and predatory insects within our soil. These populations of beneficial organisms work to breakdown and provide nutrients directly to the plant, while preventing potential plant damage by unwanted pests. Feeding the living soil in turn feeds the plant, which allows us to reuse our soil (low-till), limit bottled supplements, and decrease our overall footprint.  After the growing process is over our commitment to quality does not stop. We delicately harvest plants and hang whole plants to slow dry. After plants are dried we follow up with hand trimming and a slow curing process. This hands on and sustainable approach allows High Noon to consistently produce top quality Cannabis.






     Dream. Create. Elevate.

 We invite you to get high on our dream as you go forth to create and achieve your own.



36 out of 40... This strain was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect in every sense of how you would want your flower to look, smell, and taste... this is 100% grade A Quantum Kush... now where can we buy some more?
— The Daily Leaf, Blind Cognitive Test



To consistently produce smooth burning high end product with unique flavor profiles through the use of responsible growing practices and organic inputs.